Cabin in the Woods

Five generic teen stereotypes (The one who is good at sports like, the female lead, the stoner comic relief, the guy with glasses and the female with boobs) go on a generic camping holiday to stay at a generic creepy shed, all of a sudden some generic zombies try to have them on toast. So, […]

The Megashark Trilogy

The classic big shark movie trilogy, this is The Asylum’s flagship monster film series, spawning countless other shark and general sea beast movies like Sharknado and Megapiranha. If you want to watch a big-ass shark fighting some other big-ass animals who usually preside in water, this is your trilogy. Megashark vs Giant Octopus The one […]


From the director of the stylish independent alien film Monsters, comes a reboot of the classic Japanese monster film series Godzilla. The question on everybody’s lips was “Is it better than the last time America tried Godzilla (1998) ?”, it really really is. It would be hard pressed to be worse to be fair. Bryan […]

The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2

A reboot of the Spiderman series, presumably sparked off purely by the downright poorness of Spiderman 3 that had been made only 5 years prior to The Amazing Spiderman. This time around there are some different foes, some of the same foes and a different girlfriend. The Amazing Spiderman Move aside Tobey Maguire, because now […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

A team of alien misfits containing a Racoon, a Tree, a Green Lady, a Chris Pratt and some big bloke who doesn’t understand metaphors, assemble to steal a glowing stone thing from a blue bloke, who is working for a purple bloke in order to save the galaxy. As you may have realised, the plot […]


Hungarian body horror, in which we follow the lives of three generations of extremely odd individuals. Watch their increasingly strange exploits involving the erotic use of fire, a speed eating contest and a cat prison. Our story starts with a pervert, whose tale is basically an ongoing escalation of continually stranger methods to find sexual, […]