This is The End

Follow Seth Rogen and friends as the apocalypse happens, and is sometimes funny. James Franco is having a party at his brand new swanky house, and some real life celebrities are invited, then apocalypse strikes, most celebs die and we are left with the six blokes on the front cover.

This is less an actual film, than a series of sketches connected by a theme. Now being a series of sketches is no bad thing, just look at Monthy Python’s the Holy Grail. But the Holy Grail this is not. One of the big problems here is that for every genuinely funny gag, there is one horrifically misguided one. Two prime examples of this are the exorcism of Jonah Hill scene (which is the highlight of the film) and the “joke” about who would be most likely to rape Emma Watson. Its jokes like this that destroy any hopes of this becoming a good comedy.

To be honest, this is the kind of film that you would probably enjoy more, if you just watched the best bits on YouTube, thus missing out on the filler (at two hours in length there is an awful lot of filler) and the jokes that make you wonder what they were thinking writing them. Overly then, this isn’t a bad movie and it does have laughs. It’s just not as good as it should be, and is more offensive than it should be.



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