Sand Sharks

The mayor’s son wants to throw a beach festival, but there is a dangerous animal nearby that might make this difficult. The dangerous animal in question, as you may have guessed, is a shark. A shark who swims in the sand.

This is a great edition to the already great array of modern b-movie shark films. And to be honest this is probably one of the best, contending with the sublime Sharknado and the classic Megashark trilogy.

To be honest I loved this film straight from its title, but then again Sharks in Venice was a disappointment, so I went in to watching this with a worried hopefulness. I was not disappointed. This film is just a stupid and ridiculous as is promised in the title. This one of the most fun viewings of a film I have ever made, and at 86 minutes it was never going to be too long.

However, when you compare it to the real giants of the genre, it does just fall short. It is not quite as fantastically stupendous as Sharknado (1 and 2), and it doesn’t possess the epic qualities of the Megashark trilogy. But in terms of how quotable this is, it stands up there with the best.



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