Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Having escaped the maze in the last movie the ‘gladers’ now find themselves in some sort of institution in which people are apparently being taken to a safe haven. But Dylan O’Brien – everyone’s third favourite YA dystopia lead – suspects something is up. And after closer inspection it turns out something in fact was […]

Sharknado 3

America is yet again being hit by Sharknados but this time they are even bigger than ever before, so big in fact that simply dropping a bomb into the middle of them just isn’t good enough anymore. No, this time to defeat the Sharknado they are going to have to take this fight into space. […]

San Andreas

Dwayne Johnson is a Helicopter rescue pilot extraordinaire who is trying to keep close to his daughter despite being recently divorced. Oh yeah, and Los Angeles is about to receive the largest earthquake ever known to man Courtesy of the San Andreas Fault. Elsewhere Paul Giamatti reckons he can predict when earthquakes are about to […]


After a global warming experiment goes horribly wrong leaving the world in ice, all the Earth’s survivors exist solely on one train, that travels around the planet once every year. On this train we find that a strictly regimented class system is in place. Snowpiercer is one of those rare gems of films that you […]


You all saw the trailers: Tom Cruise, in space! Does this movie amount to anything more than a Hollywood star traipsing around some incredible cgi settings? Only Just. Essentially this movie is split up into three distinct parts, each owing their ideas to other movies. Act one is essentially Wall-e, with Tom Cruise having to […]


From the director of the stylish independent alien film Monsters, comes a reboot of the classic Japanese monster film series Godzilla. The question on everybody’s lips was “Is it better than the last time America tried Godzilla (1998) ?”, it really really is. It would be hard pressed to be worse to be fair. Bryan […]

This is The End

Follow Seth Rogen and friends as the apocalypse happens, and is sometimes funny. James Franco is having a party at his brand new swanky house, and some real life celebrities are invited, then apocalypse strikes, most celebs die and we are left with the six blokes on the front cover. This is less an actual […]