Adam Sandler was a child prodigy gamer, but now all he does is install tech for people. However when the world starts being invaded by real life 80’s arcade games sent by an alien race, it turns out that Sandler could be the only person in the world that can save the day. Now I […]

Classic Horror: The Thing (1982)

While on an expedition in Antarctica a group of scientists realise that within their midst lies an otherworldly being who is killing members of the team one by one and taking their form afterwards. I love The Thing. I love it because it is so rare to see a film that manages to mix both […]


Paul Rudd is a burglar who after kinda messing up his life by getting caught doing some anti-big business robbery is given a second chance by Michael Douglas in the form of a shrinking suit. Michael Douglas wants Paul Rudd to help him steal back some technology that Corey Stoll has been developing and could […]

Child 44

Tom Hardy is a high ranking officer in the Russian army who begins to investigate a series of gruesome child murders that have been occurring whilst being swept beneath the proverbial rub by the Russian government. However when they find out he is snooping around he is demoted and exiled, but this doesn’t stop him. […]


A documentary following the story of Killer Whales in captivity. Focusing specifically on Tilikum the abnormally large male orca who was responsible for three deaths to humans whilst in captivity. I should probably start by warning you that if you at all like humans or other animals this will be a harrowing experience for you. […]

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Within desolate Iranian town “Bad City” residents are unaware to the fact that they have an almost other-worldly guest. One whom has begun to stalk and sometimes hunt down the locals. That was a poor synopsis of this movie. Because I suddenly realised when about to type this, that you can’t really do a proper […]

Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane is a fowl mouthed bear whose relationship with Jessica Barth is on the rocks. So he decides to reignite their love for each other by having a baby, however the events that follow this lead to there being questions about whether or not this bear counts as a human or property. Don’t let […]