Get Hard

Will Ferrell is a millionaire businessman who is accused of committing fraud and is bound for San Quentin prison. Scared by the notion of being homosexually raped he consorts Kevin Hart to help him prepare for prison survival. Now, already you are probably feeling a little uncomfortable just about the plot to Get Hard. Let […]

The Voices

Ryan Reynolds is a mentally ill bath tub manufacturer who has a crush on one of his co-workers (Gemma Arterton), however when he accidentally kills her his life follows down a twisted trajectory aided by his bloodthirsty pet cat (also Reynolds). The Voices could probably be correctly described as one of those “love it or […]

Seventh Son

Ben Barnes is like the seventh son of a seventh son or something, and this means he’s special and has flashbacks. It also means that when Jeff Bridges’ current apprentice Kit Harington dies Ben Barnes must take his place. Together they will train to defeat Julianne Moore before the next red moon. Seventh son is […]

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water

When a devious pirate Antonio Banderas steals the formula to the Krabby Patty the land of Bikini Bottom is turned upside down. SpongeBob and his arch nemesis Plankton must team up, put their differences behind them and fight to get back the formula. Everyone knew going into the SpongeBob movie what they were getting. A […]


Mickey Rourke is an evil Greek king who is in search of a special magic bow that will allow him to unleash the titans, because um, because it will help him be evil? This unleashing would lead to bad stuff happening because said titans are like good at fighting or something and so Zeus (Luke […]


Johnny Depp is an aristocratic moustachioed twit. He gets mixed up with some kind of art heist involving some Russian mobsters, a famous nymphomaniac and an insurmountable quantity of scenes containing Depp being a buffoon. I’m going to be honest with you, I had to read the Wikipedia page to realise what the plot actually […]


Liam Neeson is a gruff air warden with a past and an alcohol problem, who whilst on a flight between America and England starts getting texts messages on his special air warden phone telling him that every twenty minutes someone will die, unless money is put into an account. “Isn’t this just the normal Liam […]