Guardians of the Galaxy

A team of alien misfits containing a Racoon, a Tree, a Green Lady, a Chris Pratt and some big bloke who doesn’t understand metaphors, assemble to steal a glowing stone thing from a blue bloke, who is working for a purple bloke in order to save the galaxy. As you may have realised, the plot of this film is not really the focal point. See this more as a modern retelling of star wars, with a few more gags and actual aliens in it.

Comparisons between the Avengers and this film are inevitable, both are marvel adaptations involving multiple heroes. The key difference here is that in the Avengers each character essentially already has a film’s worth of development already, whereas the Guardians have to start from scratch in that department. However they manage to get you to know the group fairly well by the time of the climax. In terms of style Guardians differs quite a lot to the Avengers, it is more of a comic film and due to it being in space it looks and feels really different. Are the actual characters as likeable as the ones in the Avengers? I don’t think so. But maybe that is because the Avengers are just more well-known.

Taking Guardians as its own film, separate from both the Avengers and Star Wars, it was actually quite fun. It was funny in parts, the action scenes were fast paced and enjoyable and just in general Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun film. The soundtrack was great and the makeup team clearly had a ball with some of the aliens. I would be lying if I told you it didn’t have flaws, it does. The plot is quite silly and the dialogue is peppered with weird sci-fi jargon. But you know what, it doesn’t really matter. The film rattles along and is just a great two hours to spend. Whether it stays with you beyond the two hours is another matter altogether. But if you are looking for an honest fun superhero movie, this is for you.



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