The Jurassic Park Trilogy

Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of Jurassic June, where we visit the most well known and loved dinosaur movies. Starring Sam Neil twice, Jeff Goldblum twice and ground-breaking visual effects thrice, there is a reason the Jurassic Park movies have a place in everyone’s hearts, well at least the first one does. Jurassic […]

Jurassic World

22 years after the events of Jurassic Park Isla Nublar is now a fully functioning Dino-theme park. However after many years of great success studies have suggested the public are no longer wowed by dinosaurs, they want something bigger and more impressive. This forces geneticists to create their own dinosaur, designed to be larger and […]


Melissa McCarthy is a one of the CIA’s top analysts, directing Jude Law’s super-spy in his every move. However when Jude Law goes missing and Rose Byrne says she knows the name of every agent working for the CIA, McCarthy is called upon to save the day because she is essentially an unknown. Add in […]

Jurassic Shark

A group of teens trying to expose an illegal oil drilling site get caught up with a group of criminals trying to steal a painting and a 16m long Megladon who has been released into a lake by the very oil drill the teens seek to expose. Join us again for the second feature in […]

Jurassic City

Some teenage girls are arrested after crashing into a police car while attempting to leave a hectic party without getting arrested. They then find themselves in a prison along with a notorious rapist and murderer, two drunk men, some other female convicts and some escaped dinosaurs. So Jurassic World is coming up, and I thought […]

San Andreas

Dwayne Johnson is a Helicopter rescue pilot extraordinaire who is trying to keep close to his daughter despite being recently divorced. Oh yeah, and Los Angeles is about to receive the largest earthquake ever known to man Courtesy of the San Andreas Fault. Elsewhere Paul Giamatti reckons he can predict when earthquakes are about to […]

Wild Tales

Wild tales is a six-part anthology tale of revenge and a modern society living on the edge of madness. This involves a story of road rage on a level that you have never seen, A wedding brought to its knees by a single secret, a fated plane journey, A drink driving accident that will pull […]