Fifty Shades Darker

Jamie Dornan’s Mr Grey is back, but this time he’s the one making the changes. Will he be willing to confront his inner demons and curb his need to engage in bdsm or will he just alienate Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia once again.   Fifty Shades of grey (the original 2014 entry)’s problem was that it […]


Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga are real life mixed race couple Richard and Mildred Loving, whom after getting married in Washington are arrested upon their move back into Virginia. They are faced with the choice of splitting up for good or keeping their heads down and living in Washington. Three children later, this cramped city […]

La La Land

Emma Stone is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles who falls for gifted jazz pianist Ryan Gosling. The two of them try to achieve their dreams whilst keeping their romance going at the same time.   La La Land is really more of a romantic love letter to the classical musicals of days gone by […]


Chris Pratt is a passenger on an interstellar spacecraft travelling to a new earth. However a malfunction means that he wakes up 90 years too early. He must now try to survive on his own on this slightly malfunctioning spaceship, or is he on his own?   Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Sci-Fi romance – what […]

Dirty Grandpa

Robert De Niro is Zac Efron’s grandfather. Robert sees his grandson getting into what he sees as a mistake of a marriage, so after his wife and Zac’s grandmother dies Robert takes the two of them on a road trip during spring break to get laid essentially. Hilarity Ensues. Except it doesn’t, at all.   […]

Jane Got a Gun

Natalie Portman enlists the help of gunman and previous lover Joel Edgerton to try and protect her husband from a gang lead by Ewan McGregor who are out to kill him. Will the two of them be able to hold out against an entire posse of bandits?   Jane Got a Gun is proof that […]

Knight of Cups

Christian Bale is a writer indulging himself in alcohol and women and generally enjoying the LA lifestyle. In his search for love he undergoes a series of escapades with six different women.   Technically Knight of Cups is a marvel. The way it is shot makes you genuinely believe that you are there with Bale […]