Tale of Tales

Three stories based on dark Italian fairy tales are intertwined. Salma Hayek is a queen so desperate for a child that she will be persuaded to eat the heart of a sea monster. Vincent Cassel is a womanizing king that falls in love with the voice of an old town crone. Toby Jones is a […]


A young Spanish woman who has recently moved to Berlin finds that the late night flirtation she has with a local German man leads her down a potentially dangerous path. Watch the first ever feature length filmed in one continuous shot (138 minutes) and journey with Victoria through her night.   Ok so first of […]

Goodnight Mommy

The mother to two nine year old twin brothers has been away getting extensive facial surgery and when she finally comes home due to the bandages her children are at first unsure of whether this is really their mother. She begins to start behaving strangely and attempting to break the two up, is this really […]


Michael Caine is a retired composer staying in a fancy Austrian resort with his friend and famous director working on his new film Harvey Keitel, and his daughter Rachel Weisz. His is invited to perform his famous simple songs to the queen, but is uneasy about this task.   The way I pitched Youth to […]


Saoirse Ronan is a young Irish girl, who immigrates to America specifically Brooklyn to find a new life for herself. Shortly afterwards she finds herself in a romance with a neighbouring Italian man, but when her past pulls her back into Ireland she faces a tough decision between which of her two lives she wants […]


Brie Larson and her five year old son Jacob Tremblay are trapped in a dingy enclosed shed they call Room. Jacob has been brought up thinking that this room is the entire world, but the pair will eventually escape this claustrophobic hell, but how will they deal with being reintroduced to the real world, or […]

The Transporter Refuled

Frank Martin is back, and this time he isn’t Jason Statham. “But wasn’t the best thing about the transporter films Jason Statham?” yes. That was the best bit. Well anyway, Frank Martin is back and he has to do some transporting. And now his dad is involved. And to be honest I’m really not that […]