The Great Wall

Matt Damon is a Spanish? (he’s Russel Crowe-ing it a bit with the accent here) mercenary travelling china with his mate Pedro Pascal on the search for valuable black powder stuff. However they unwittingly find themselves on the Great Wall of China helping the Chinese army defend the country from a huge army of monsters. […]

The Wailing

When the arrival of a strange Japanese man (Jun Kunimura) in a South Korean town coincides with a number of strange and brutal murders the bumbling chief of police (Do-Won Kwak) takes it upon himself to investigate. However he will quickly find out that he has bitten off far more than he or the whole […]

Under the Shadow

A mother and daughter struggling to cope in war-torn 1980’s Tehran and the father figure of the family going away to fight, when a bomb comes crashing through the flat block’s roof. However it remains unexploded, but it hasn’t left without leaving lasting damage.   Under the Shadow proudly continues 2016’s terrific surge in horror […]

The Assassin

In ninth century China a highly skilled Assassin is asked to return to her homeland after she fails a task. However when she is there she must murder her cousin – the man she loves. She must decide whether to forever break with the sacred code of assassins or kill her love.   The Assassin […]

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Within desolate Iranian town “Bad City” residents are unaware to the fact that they have an almost other-worldly guest. One whom has begun to stalk and sometimes hunt down the locals. That was a poor synopsis of this movie. Because I suddenly realised when about to type this, that you can’t really do a proper […]


After a global warming experiment goes horribly wrong leaving the world in ice, all the Earth’s survivors exist solely on one train, that travels around the planet once every year. On this train we find that a strictly regimented class system is in place. Snowpiercer is one of those rare gems of films that you […]


A lone Samurai sells his fighting services to two sides of a violently divided village in order to maximise his profits. Essentially this is a Clint Eastwood movie, only with samurai. Only I might point out that Yojimbo actually predates all of the Clint Eastwood westerns, so really they are Akira Kurosawa movies only set […]