A five year old child gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, 1600 km from his home, and must survive the perils of urban India before he is picked up by a children’s home. He is then adopted by an Australian family, where twenty years later he will use google earth to find home.   […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

When Charlize Theron begins a rescue mission for five “wives” of Immortan Joe – a strange evil dictator who rules over the people in his vicinity by controlling the water – she starts off an all-out vehicle war between the various peoples of this dry post-apocalyptic desert. Including Tom Hardy as a bedraggled hard man […]

Muriel’s Wedding

Muriel is a single unemployed daughter of a well off businessman. She lives in a town that bores her, spending her days listening to ABBA songs and thinking about getting married. However things start to change for Muriel after she goes on holiday, meets an old friend and changes her name to Mariel. What Muriel’s’ […]

The Babadook

Ever since Paranormal Activity, horror films have followed a certain formula, either they are “found footage” films, or they are filmed like them. They also tend to rely on well-known actors walking around dimly lit buildings with sinister sounding violins playing in the background (see Daniel Radcliffe in ‘The Woman in Black’, or Patrick Wilson […]