The Wailing

When the arrival of a strange Japanese man (Jun Kunimura) in a South Korean town coincides with a number of strange and brutal murders the bumbling chief of police (Do-Won Kwak) takes it upon himself to investigate. However he will quickly find out that he has bitten off far more than he or the whole […]

Green Room

A broke hard-core band attempting to tour America on the fly take up a gig at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar in which they decide to open with The Dead Kennedys song “Nazi Punks Fuck off” an act that, shall we say, does not go down that well. After they finish their set they become witnesses […]

Blair Witch

When the brother of the main character of the original Blair Witch project watches The Blair Witch project film, he is convinced that he and a group of friends must return to the woods and find her.   Part remake, part sequel – all dreadful.   It will come as no surprise to anyone that […]

The Girl with all the Gifts

In a dystopian future where for some reason humans survive in secluded camps in which teachers (like Gemma Arterton) are employed to investigate strait-jacketed children under strange circumstances. However the situation goes south and a group of people – soldier Paddy Considine, Scientist Glenn Close, child Sennia Nanua and Gemma Arterton – must travel across […]

Under the Shadow

A mother and daughter struggling to cope in war-torn 1980’s Tehran and the father figure of the family going away to fight, when a bomb comes crashing through the flat block’s roof. However it remains unexploded, but it hasn’t left without leaving lasting damage.   Under the Shadow proudly continues 2016’s terrific surge in horror […]

The Neon Demon

Elle Fanning is a naive seeming aspiring model moving to Los Angeles to make it. When she arrives everyone who surrounds her tries to feed from her youth and beauty. Their need for what she has will take all of them to some very dark places.   I’d like to start off by saying that […]

Don’t Breathe

Three young adults down on their luck try to steal money from a house owned by a blind man. However it turns out very quickly that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.   Don’t Breathe is a brilliant example of stripped down, high concept, low budget horror film making at it’s […]