Now You See Me 2

Following from the events of the first film (of which I can remember zero) Now You See Me 2 follows the horsemen (now with Lizzy Caplan instead of Isla Fisher) get captured by Daniel Radcliffe and forced into stealing a computer chip that is exactly the same weight and size as a playing card so […]

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

When a juvenile delinquent (Julian Dennison) and his new foster uncle (Sam Neill) go missing in the vast bush of New Zealand a national manhunt is carried out to track them down.   Hunt for the Wilderpeople comes after the rick roaring success of the 2014 film What we do in the Shadows, but for […]

Green Room

A broke hard-core band attempting to tour America on the fly take up a gig at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar in which they decide to open with The Dead Kennedys song “Nazi Punks Fuck off” an act that, shall we say, does not go down that well. After they finish their set they become witnesses […]


An in depth look into America’s history of racial divisions and how it has related to the judicial system over time, stretching back from the days of slavery right up to the modern day.   For me, a British person not that well acquainted with the details of the prison system in America, I found […]

Blair Witch

When the brother of the main character of the original Blair Witch project watches The Blair Witch project film, he is convinced that he and a group of friends must return to the woods and find her.   Part remake, part sequel – all dreadful.   It will come as no surprise to anyone that […]

The Girl with all the Gifts

In a dystopian future where for some reason humans survive in secluded camps in which teachers (like Gemma Arterton) are employed to investigate strait-jacketed children under strange circumstances. However the situation goes south and a group of people – soldier Paddy Considine, Scientist Glenn Close, child Sennia Nanua and Gemma Arterton – must travel across […]

A Bigger Splash

An ageing rock star (Tilda Swinton) is enjoying a relaxing holiday in Italy with her new lover (Matthias Schoenaerts) after having lost her voice mid tour. However their retreat is interrupted by an old flame (Ralph Fiennes) and his daughter (Dakota Johnson).   A Bigger Splash is a proper character driven thriller. It places four […]