Blair Witch

When the brother of the main character of the original Blair Witch project watches The Blair Witch project film, he is convinced that he and a group of friends must return to the woods and find her.


Part remake, part sequel – all dreadful.


It will come as no surprise to anyone that Blair Witch is just plain bad. Everything that made The Blair Witch project interesting and, crucially, very scary is completely absent here. The characters are unlikeable and not developed so there is no reason to care about what happens. There’s also twice as many of them now though I cannot remember any of them and for a while during the film I thought two of them were the same person.


And it just isn’t scary. There is no sense of realism to the proceedings, no sense of danger. And worst of all it’s just so dull.


But having said all that it wasn’t painful to watch. And it’s not the worst found footage fiolim I’ve ever seen. But really it’s about six years too late for found footage. I’d avoid if I were you.




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