Kong: Skull Island

John Goodman leads a team of scientists onto a previously unexplored island in order to map it out before the Russians have a chance to. However as you may have anticipated this mission does not go to plan and things go incredibly awry.   To my mind this is the Jurassic World movie that could […]

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

The world has been free of Sharknados for five years now due to a massive technological advancement that allows the prevention of said nados (as they are often called) from even starting. However for no reason at all this technology stops working, and there are a whole bunch of nados ready to ravage Las Vegas. […]

The Sand

After a wild beach party over summer break a group of teenagers wake up to find all of their friends have disappeared, and when one girl attempts to walk across the sand the group realise the horrible reality of their situation – the very sand beneath their feet has eaten their friends.   Sounds amazing […]

Lake Placid vs Anaconda

After some sort of genetic experiment involving one of lake Placid’s resident Alligators and one of the blood orchid breed of Anacondas (refers to that Anaconda sequel you hated) goes horribly wrong, a team of local wardens and their sheriff must fight against the odds to contain the beasts before they get to civilisation.   […]

Sharknado 3

America is yet again being hit by Sharknados but this time they are even bigger than ever before, so big in fact that simply dropping a bomb into the middle of them just isn’t good enough anymore. No, this time to defeat the Sharknado they are going to have to take this fight into space. […]

Jurassic Shark

A group of teens trying to expose an illegal oil drilling site get caught up with a group of criminals trying to steal a painting and a 16m long Megladon who has been released into a lake by the very oil drill the teens seek to expose. Join us again for the second feature in […]

Jurassic City

Some teenage girls are arrested after crashing into a police car while attempting to leave a hectic party without getting arrested. They then find themselves in a prison along with a notorious rapist and murderer, two drunk men, some other female convicts and some escaped dinosaurs. So Jurassic World is coming up, and I thought […]