Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Coming straight off the back of one of their adventures, the gang find themselves with a broken ship stranded on some planet. However help soon arrives, in the form of Kurt Russell claiming to be Chris Pratt’s dad. Various well-sound tracked space shenanigans follow.   Ok so disclaimer first of all, I don’t like the […]


While M is busy dealing with a new secret intelligence takeover which would see human field operatives made redundant in favour of extensive CCTV camera coverage, Bond begins a search for a huge criminal organisation that he has been battling with without even knowing about it. After the immense success of Skyfall the pressure was […]


Vin Diesel is some form of badass shiny eyed alien who for reasons that are kind of complex is left on a barren planet, full of cgi beasties and sand, and he must find a way to survive when some bounty hunters come looking for him. Actually the best bits of this film are the […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

A team of alien misfits containing a Racoon, a Tree, a Green Lady, a Chris Pratt and some big bloke who doesn’t understand metaphors, assemble to steal a glowing stone thing from a blue bloke, who is working for a purple bloke in order to save the galaxy. As you may have realised, the plot […]