Hell or High Water

A divorced father employs the help of his reckless ex-con older brother to rob a few banks so that he can raise enough money to save his family’s ranch. However shrewd detective Jeff Bridges is hot on their tail.   Much has been said about just how brilliant Hell or High Water is, and certainly […]

Tale of Tales

Three stories based on dark Italian fairy tales are intertwined. Salma Hayek is a queen so desperate for a child that she will be persuaded to eat the heart of a sea monster. Vincent Cassel is a womanizing king that falls in love with the voice of an old town crone. Toby Jones is a […]

The Magnificent Seven

A village is being continually ransacked by Peter Sarsgaard and so seek the assistance of gun for hire Denzel Washington. Denzel is initially hesitant about aiding the town due to the meagre monetary reward for such heroic acts but eventually he decides to help save the town bringing with him six other characters.   Now, […]


Daniel Radcliffe is a young FBI agent with no field work experience, but this is about to change when Toni Collette recruits him to infiltrate a group of white supremacists whom they believe are plotting to carry out a terrorist attack.   Undercover stories are always a perfect time for an actor to shine, and […]

The Wailing

When the arrival of a strange Japanese man (Jun Kunimura) in a South Korean town coincides with a number of strange and brutal murders the bumbling chief of police (Do-Won Kwak) takes it upon himself to investigate. However he will quickly find out that he has bitten off far more than he or the whole […]

Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep is an old ill heiress who has always dreamed of performing on a big stage to thousands of people. There is just one problem – she can’t really sing. But she doesn’t know this and Hugh Grant (her husband) isn’t about to tell her. So with sheepish pianist Simon Helberg accompanying her she […]

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Asa Butterfield is an odd child whom has spent his entire life thinking that his grandad has just been mental – making up stories about monsters and children with superpowers. However when his grandad is found dead in mysterious circumstances (his eyes went missing) he discovers a bunch of clues that suggest that his grandad […]