Cabin in the Woods

Five generic teen stereotypes (The one who is good at sports like, the female lead, the stoner comic relief, the guy with glasses and the female with boobs) go on a generic camping holiday to stay at a generic creepy shed, all of a sudden some generic zombies try to have them on toast. So, is this generic? No. Not at all. Because that’s not even the plot to the movie, I mean that stuff does happen, but the real plot is actually really cool, and ridiculous (especially towards the end).

The whole going to the cabin in the woods for a holiday, is actually just a rouse designed by some guys in lab coats. Exactly why they have designed this remains unclear until right at the end. But this has a lot more to offer than your normal spoof of the well-known cabin in the woods sub-genre of horror. Where some lose some suspense and scares with the introduction of comedy, Cabin in the Woods remains quite frightening, and actually stands up as a standalone horror movie.

Some people may find the ridiculousness of the final act a turn off, but as long as you know you are in for a bumpy ride you will find it very enjoyable, and at points laugh out loud funny. There are small flaws, for me the gore levels could have been upped a little more, to truly pay homage to films like the evil dead, but maybe that is just me.

Overall, whether this be a homage or a spoof, importantly it is scary and funny in all the right places, in fact sometimes the same places. This is an incredibly fun hour and a half to spend. I highly recommend it.



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