Kristen Wiig is living quite happily as a physics lecturer at a prestigious university, when her past in investigations into the paranormal threatens to bring it all crashing down. But in attempting to persuade her ex-colleague Melissa McCarthy to take the book they both wrote off Amazon she inadvertently gets sucked into starting a team […]

Star Trek Beyond

The USS Enterprise crew are now halfway into their five year mission to explore the furthest reaches of outer space, after stopping off at state-of-the-art space station Yorktown they intercept a distress signal, they take in the distressed person and in order to save the rest of her crew they must travel through an uncharted […]


After Mark Strong’s latest mission is horribly compromised he is forced into teaming up with his idiot football hooligan brother Sacha Baron Cohen. The two of them must work closely together to save the world from a mysterious and dangerous plot.   Grimsby is the latest offering from star and writer Sacha Baron Cohen, and […]


In a kind of 70’s future setting a new kind of housing development is being created – a massive 40 floor High Rise building. However while created with honest intentions it soon becomes clear that the floor system in place leads to huge divides in social standing. Very quickly the building breaks out into total […]

Warcraft: The Beginning

There is trouble in the world of Azeroth. Forced to leave their dying realm through a magical portal the Orcs threaten to push the Humans out of their own settlements. A small group of humans and dissenting Orcs must work together to stop the real evil at the heart of the struggle.   Films based […]

Central Intelligence

Twenty years after Dwayne Johnson’s then overweight schoolkid experiences the most embarrassing event of his life, he is reunited with the only person who showed him any kindness (Kevin Hart) in odd circumstances. Through a series of events it transpires that the unlikely pair must work together to save the world.   Central Intelligence is […]

The Secret Life of Pets

The dog form of Louis C.K.’s life is violently shook up when the dog form of Eric Stonestreet is brought home their owner (Ellie Kemper).  Both engage in a game of one-upmanship that gets so out of hand they eventually find themselves mixed up in a rabbit (Kevin Hart)’s dastardly plot to rid the world […]