Exodus: Gods and Kings

Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated and controversial telling of the famous story of Moses and how he saved the Hebrews from their enslavement by the Pharaoh Ramses II, involving hella plagues, some cool chariot bits and Christian Bale. OK, let’s dive straight into the controversy of the casting decisions. It does look awfully like the entire […]


Brendan Gleeson is an Irish Catholic priest who is told he has roughly a week to “make his piece with the world” before he is murdered as a statement against the child rape culture in the Catholic Church. This is a real case of a film being mis-sold. The trailers and the posters would have […]


From the advert, this film seemed like a silly yet fun retelling of a bible story, hopefully starring Ray Winstone as God. However what we get, is a hateful concoction of poor cgi, dull storytelling, and some downright horrid morality issues. There is an awful lot wrong with this movie, and I’m not going to […]