The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2

A reboot of the Spiderman series, presumably sparked off purely by the downright poorness of Spiderman 3 that had been made only 5 years prior to The Amazing Spiderman. This time around there are some different foes, some of the same foes and a different girlfriend.

The Amazing Spiderman

Move aside Tobey Maguire, because now we have Andrew Garfield and he is fantastic. Now Tobey wasn’t poor, but he really pales in comparison to Andrew. He brings such a relatable humanity to a role that isn’t relatable at all, and is most definitely the best part of the film.

In terms of the storytelling and plot, this is nothing special. It plays much like a very run of the mill superhero movie, and this prompts the question “why did they bother to reboot the series so soon after the initial ones?”, and the answer would appear to be “ well we saw some problems with the first films, and we thought we’d make them a bit better”. Do they make them a bit better? On the whole, yeah. As I have said Andrew Garfield was an improvement, Emma Stone is an improvement, Sally Field is an improvement and they sorted out the whole web-assisted flying stuff in the cities which looked rubbish in the first films. So is it better? Well yeah I suppose. I mean it probably isn’t so much better that it actually warrants a reboot.

There are still problems with the film, the villain is not an especially interesting one and the overall story arc is really nothing new. But, I find that Andrew Garfield pulls this film into something better than average. But really the main problem with this is in the title. It really should have been called The Amazing Peter Parker.


The Amazing Spiderman 2

Spiderman is back, and this time there are two villains. Honestly that is about it in terms of plot progression from the first movie. But there are differences, most importantly Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield put in an even better performance as a couple who are madly in love but have to overcome issues (some guy who absorbed a load of electricity is a bit peeved). Without their central performances this film would be even more average than the first one was. But as it stands they actually elevate it into the realms of something quite special.

Again, where this movie succeeds is with Peter Parker, and not Spiderman. In fact all the action stuff seems to be filler for the relationship stuff, which is not something you hear one say when talking about a superhero movie. Which brings us to a problem with rating this movie. Because as just a superhero movie, it probably scores a 5, maybe lower. But as a character piece which just so happens to have superhero elements, it’s more like an 8. Overall then, if you are looking for an enjoyable non-challenging marvel movie, watch Guardians of the Galaxy. If you want to watch a superhero film where you actually root for the characters and worry about them, go for this.



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