The Oscars 2016

So last night (or this morning if you are in the UK like me) The Oscars happened, and it was a decent ceremony. Of course as always it is far too long and boring towards the end but Chris Rock was suitably funny and right on. When the nominations were announced I attempted to predict […]


Ryan Reynolds is a hitman who finds love with a local prostitute (Morena Baccarin) and they become happily engaged until Reynolds is diagnosed with cancer. However it would appear that there is a solution in the form of a stranger offering the cure. Little does Reynolds know that he is in fact being turned into […]


Sam Worthington is the wheelchair bound twin brother of a scientist about to embark on a mission on the planet Pandora to get to know the natives by taking on their form. When this scientist dies, Sam is able to replace him inexpensively due to him being his twin. However while he goes into this […]

Fifty Shades of Black

The makers of the Scary Movie franchise turn their hit and miss parody hands onto the fifty shades of grey book and movie. So an inexperienced college student falls in love with a rich bossiness man, but finds it a struggle to live with his sexual “quirks”.   I think we need to clear up […]

Best Picture Oscar Nominations 2016

Having now seen all 8 of this year’s best picture nominees I thought I’d share my thoughts on all of them. It is worth noting that in general I feel this year’s crop has been underwhelming. They aren’t bad films by any means, but they certainly aren’t as good as other years have been. Here […]


David Thewlis is an author who writes about the art of customer service that finds himself so bogged down by the mundanity of his life, that when something slightly out of the ordinary happens he pounces upon it. But will he really be able to escape the cycle of life he is trapped in.   […]


Michael Caine is a retired composer staying in a fancy Austrian resort with his friend and famous director working on his new film Harvey Keitel, and his daughter Rachel Weisz. His is invited to perform his famous simple songs to the queen, but is uneasy about this task.   The way I pitched Youth to […]