Elvis & Nixon

Late in 1970 Elvis Presley (Michael Shannon) decided that he fancied becoming a covert agent at large for the American government, so he strolled up to the Whitehouse in order to meet up with the current president at the time – Richard Nixon (Kevin Spacey). This film speculates as to what that meeting was like […]

Jason Bourne

Ten years after whatever happened in the Bourne Ultimatum happened (I can’t remember) that woman who was in the films (Julia Stiles) brings up some more stuff about the programme Bourne (Matt Damon) used to be a part of. Then Bourne gets chased a bunch. Oh yeah and there’s some kind of social media storyline […]

The Shallows

Blake Lively following the death of her mother goes on a journey of self-discovery to a hidden beach that was a favourite of her mother’s. However her day of surfing and relaxation soon turns to one of horror as a hungry shark is in the shallow water.   It’s been a long time since a […]

Love & Friendship

Beautiful and quick witted widow Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) moves into the estate of her in-laws to lay low for a few months, and wait for rumours surrounding her and her late husband to depart. Meanwhile she decides to find herself a new husband, and also find one for her reluctant daughter (Morfydd Clark).   […]


Sophie is a lonely orphan girl who accidentally sees a huge giant out and about in the streets of London. He is forced to kidnap her and take her to giant country, but luckily he turns out to be a big friendly giant (that’s the title innit) and the two of them form an unlikely […]

Finding Dory

Now living quite comfortably with Marlon and Nemo, Dory begins to regain memories about her past and how she lost her parents. The three of them then embark on an adventure to find Dory’s long lost parents and the place she used to call home.   When it comes to animated family movies Pixar have […]

Suicide Squad

Viola Davis is in command of a covert department within the CIA who decides that in order to combat the potential of an evil “Meta-Human” (person with superpowers) she must construct a team of captured and lesser known DC villains. These include Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn – girlfriend to Jared Leto’s Joker, Will Smith […]

Independence Day: Resurgence

It’s been twenty years since aliens first attempted to invade Earth, and since then all of humanity has been united in preparing for the aliens’ inevitable return. And now that day has come, and earth is yet again under extra-terrestrial threat, but this time it’s bigger and Will Smith isn’t in it.   I’m going […]