The 5th Wave

The world has been struck by alien invasion. And the aliens are winning, their first wave destroyed the earth’s technology, the second was bird flu, the third was a big wave I think and the fourth was something worse than the other three probably. But Liev Schreiber reckons that the aliens or others as they […]


When Dylan Minnette moves into his new home he is instantly smitten with his next door neighbour Odeya Rush, however her father Jack Black is keen to keep them apart. With the backup of his new best friend Ryan Lee Dylan goes to investigate a mysterious sound from within the next door house, but what […]


Laurence Fishburne is an assassin looking to cover his tracks by murdering a 12 year old girl who sees him go about his business unmasked. She takes refuge in Thomas Jane’s house and there is a – you’ll never guess – Standoff. Who will win out in this battle of patience and wits?   Standoff […]

The Survivalist

One man has managed to survive a world ravaged by hunger with his own small farm hidden within the woods. However when two women arrive at his door looking for shelter and food he suddenly finds his peaceful existence is threatened.   For me the Survivalist is a really smart low budget sci fi that […]

The Witch

A devout Christian family in 1600’s New England are cast out from a colony and so decide to set up outside an imposing forest. They haven’t been at their new location very long before the youngest child disappears under mysterious circumstances. In the following days more and more strange and possibly supernatural happenings will begin […]

Kung Fu Panda 3

When the ancient Kung Fu master Kai returns from the spirit realm after 400 years of imprisonment he will let nothing stand between him and absorbing the chi of every single Kung Fu master in china. It is up to the dragon warrior Po to stop him, but first he must learn the ancient panda […]

Goodnight Mommy

The mother to two nine year old twin brothers has been away getting extensive facial surgery and when she finally comes home due to the bandages her children are at first unsure of whether this is really their mother. She begins to start behaving strangely and attempting to break the two up, is this really […]