Sex Tape

With some comedies it’s a case of having a good idea, finding some funny actors and watching the rest write itself, with Sex Tape it’s more having two actors that can be funny, putting them together and hoping hilarity ensues. It doesn’t.

In Sex Tape Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are a couple madly in love – though you wouldn’t know it from the performances – whose life is turned upside down when they have two children. They find that their sex life after this is considerably lacking, so to spice it up they record a sex tape, with hilarious consequences. Or so the posters would have you believe.

Did I laugh at this movie? No. Did I snigger? No. Did I at some points breathe out of my nose louder than I usually would? Yes. Twice in fact. This is not a funny movie, but worse than that it’s not enjoyable either. As we follow Cameron and Jason’s exploits involving a Jack Black cameo, some cocaine and a dog, you can’t help but wonder why this movie has been made. Did someone really sit in a room and decide that a feature length film in which some people make a sex tape which some other people see, would be a good idea?

I suppose in its defence we can say that, there exist worse films than Sex Tape. But overall, I wouldn’t watch this film, if you’re thinking I’d like to watch it just to see what everyone is complaining about, don’t. It’s not worth it.



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