Kristen Wiig is living quite happily as a physics lecturer at a prestigious university, when her past in investigations into the paranormal threatens to bring it all crashing down. But in attempting to persuade her ex-colleague Melissa McCarthy to take the book they both wrote off Amazon she inadvertently gets sucked into starting a team of likeminded souls centred on looking into a series of seemingly linked apparition sightings.


There’s been a whole bunch of negativity surrounding Ghostbusters, since it was announced that they would be making an all-female reboot of the beloved comedy franchise abuse has been launched a the film. It cannot be ignored that the majority of this abuse has come from places of misogyny under the guise of love for the original, which by the way is a load of shit to be honest. If it were true that these people hated any and every remake where was the outrage at Robocop – a similarly loved cult classic – or the upcoming Magnificent Seven? So with all that pre-set hatred in mind I was incredibly worried that Ghostbusters was going to be rubbish and would “validate” all the trolls. It is my great pleasure then, to tell you all that it’s actually great.


The film starts off with a creepy set piece not too dissimilar from the original and continues to be excellent for the first half an hour. The entire first half is terrific and every joke lands, it does unfortunately start to lose a little comedic steam as the film goes on and the big bad is revealed. It’s never boring and there are still great lines and comedic parts it just never quite reaches the levels of that first half hour. All four leading women are on top form here with Kate McKinnon particularly shining as the slightly unhinged particle physicist Holtzman. But that isn’t a surprise as they have all shown through films like Bridesmaids and various SNL shorts that they can consistently deliver comically. The real surprise is Chris Hemsworth who delivers a terrific comic performance as the roles-reversed bimbo secretary.


The way in which the design of the technology and of the ghost has been updated to the present whilst still keeping a retro eighties vibe impressed me. The ghosts whilst completely computer generated, still have a kind of physicality to them, they all seem squishy and gooey.


It’s not perfect by any means, and as I’ve previously said for me the last half wasn’t as funny as the first. And I could have done with more low key ghost hunting before we went full on apocalypse with the obligatory big bad in the form of a beam of light coming from the sky like you see in literally every blockbuster apparently.


Overall, Ghostbusters is not the best summer blockbuster we’ve seen, although thinking about it that all depends on whether you count May as the summer season because honestly it’s not been amazing has it lads. But I really enjoyed it, and I laughed throughout. Here’s to proving misogynistic internet trolls wrong 2k16. Cheers!




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