Warcraft: The Beginning

There is trouble in the world of Azeroth. Forced to leave their dying realm through a magical portal the Orcs threaten to push the Humans out of their own settlements. A small group of humans and dissenting Orcs must work together to stop the real evil at the heart of the struggle.


Films based on Video Games don’t have the strongest of track records. In fact up until this movie I think I may have only enjoyed one, and that was Prince of Persia. So it comes with great surprise that I tell you Warcraft is actually really good.


For me, having never played or seen anyone play World of Warcraft, I watched this more as just a new fantasy franchise rather than a video game adaptation. And for me it fixed many of the problems I had with the Hobbit. It’s much more physical than any of those films are, and the cgi really integrates well with the surroundings. It does perhaps lack emotional attachment with certain characters, but enough of them are well developed enough for me never to lose interest.


One thing I really enjoyed about Warcraft is how equally both sides of the war are presented, if anything actually I found the Orcs more sympathetic. Toby Kebbel’s motion capture performance as the central Orc is absolutely brilliant and is absolutely the heart of the film. Travis Fimmel is very watchable as the main human, but he just doesn’t portray the same level of depth.


Overall you should honestly ignore the critics on this one, sure it’s perhaps a little too keen on starting a franchise rather than telling it’s story in full and there is an awful lot of lore it tries to get through. But for my money Warcraft is the massive Fantasy franchise the world needed after Lord of the Rings, and that the Hobbit didn’t really deliver. Very enjoyable stuff.




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