Central Intelligence

Twenty years after Dwayne Johnson’s then overweight schoolkid experiences the most embarrassing event of his life, he is reunited with the only person who showed him any kindness (Kevin Hart) in odd circumstances. Through a series of events it transpires that the unlikely pair must work together to save the world.


Central Intelligence is an odd film that is technically an action comedy but has a script that really doesn’t have that many jokes in it. It seems like the script was written in the hope that the pair’s chemistry would be so great that no jokes will be needed. This is a gamble that half pays off. While the two do have a really good chemistry and often create chuckles out of nothing, they are mostly trying to do just that. In fact it’s the blooper reel at the end of the film that generates the most laughs.


The film itself is not fantastic. The plot is very generic thriller-lite material, and the action set pieces are by no means outstanding. Despite all of this though I did quite enjoy myself, because Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are both very watchable.


Overall, I want to see more of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart together in movies – just in a better on next time please. I think if you go to see Central Intelligence not expecting high art, this is a very kind-hearted movie that you will enjoy.


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