The 10 worst Movies of 2017

You’ve seen what the best ten movies from the year 2017 were ( unless you’ve been skipping blog posts you little scamps!), now get ready for the definitive bottom ten films of the year list. A place of darkness and sorrow, but mostly boredom – a whole lot of boredom. Before we dive head first […]


Chris Pratt is a passenger on an interstellar spacecraft travelling to a new earth. However a malfunction means that he wakes up 90 years too early. He must now try to survive on his own on this slightly malfunctioning spaceship, or is he on his own?   Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Sci-Fi romance – what […]


Kristen Wiig is living quite happily as a physics lecturer at a prestigious university, when her past in investigations into the paranormal threatens to bring it all crashing down. But in attempting to persuade her ex-colleague Melissa McCarthy to take the book they both wrote off Amazon she inadvertently gets sucked into starting a team […]

Kill the Messenger

Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner) is an investigatory journalist who stumbles upon a lead into a story which leads down the rabbit-hole which is the American Government’s involvement in the crack epidemic on the streets of the U.S.A. As he gets closer to the truth, he is targeted by other newspapers and the government, as they […]