Kong: Skull Island

John Goodman leads a team of scientists onto a previously unexplored island in order to map it out before the Russians have a chance to. However as you may have anticipated this mission does not go to plan and things go incredibly awry.   To my mind this is the Jurassic World movie that could […]

The Top 10 Movies of 2016

Welcome one and all to this, the definitive top 10 list. Boy oh boy 2016 has been a ride hasn’t it, and as always I am grateful for the movies that allowed me to escape reality for a few hours. And so without much further ado, here are the 10 best movies of the year […]


In a kind of 70’s future setting a new kind of housing development is being created – a massive 40 floor High Rise building. However while created with honest intentions it soon becomes clear that the floor system in place leads to huge divides in social standing. Very quickly the building breaks out into total […]

Crimson Peak

Mia Wasikowska is an aspiring author who after a family tragedy is swept away by a mysterious Tom Hiddleston.  They got to live in his manor accompanied by Hiddleston’s sister Jessica Chastain, but there is more to this house than meets the eye. For Guillermo Del Toro this is a return really to his Spanish […]

Avengers Assemble

When Thor’s evil brother Loki steals the tesseract with intentions of bringing about a huge scale alien invasion of earth, the greatest heroes of this world must team up to defeat him. With the sequel less than a week away now, what better time to revisit 2012’s highest grossing movie, and the third highest grossing […]