Matthew McConaughey is a fat wolf of Wall Street type figure, who fancies getting richer than he already is by looking for gold in Indonesia. He takes Edgar Ramirez with him, and they find some gold or maybe it’s not there, or maybe it really is, or maybe it isn’t. I can’t remember which way […]

Kong: Skull Island

John Goodman leads a team of scientists onto a previously unexplored island in order to map it out before the Russians have a chance to. However as you may have anticipated this mission does not go to plan and things go incredibly awry.   To my mind this is the Jurassic World movie that could […]

A Monster Calls

Lewis MacDougall is a troubled child. He is getting bullied at school, his single mother is becoming increasingly unwell with a terminal illness and he must face the prospect of moving in with his Grandma whom he has nothing in common with. He suffers from experiencing the same nightmare over and over again and unwittingly […]

Warcraft: The Beginning

There is trouble in the world of Azeroth. Forced to leave their dying realm through a magical portal the Orcs threaten to push the Humans out of their own settlements. A small group of humans and dissenting Orcs must work together to stop the real evil at the heart of the struggle.   Films based […]