The Shallows

Blake Lively following the death of her mother goes on a journey of self-discovery to a hidden beach that was a favourite of her mother’s. However her day of surfing and relaxation soon turns to one of horror as a hungry shark is in the shallow water.


It’s been a long time since a mainstream shark film has been released. Now I’m a huge fan of The Asylum and everything that they do – the Megashark quadrilogy, the Sharknado trilogy (probably becoming a quadrilogy as we speak) – but sometimes you just want to kick back and watch a decent looking cgi shark eat some folks. And that my friends is exactly what you get from the Shallows.


The Shallows knows exactly what it’s about. It’s got a simple set up and it’s going to run with it for 90 minutes. Where Jaws is about corrupt government and alcoholism and male hyper-masculinity, The Shallows is about a big Shark. But sometimes that’s all you want. Sure it’s a little ridiculous at times, but it manages to toe the line between being overly self-aware and being too straight faced really rather well. Its tongue is softly in its cheek but it takes itself seriously enough for the stakes to matter and for the suspense to work. And it is genuinely suspenseful.


Blake Lively delivers a very good final-girl-esque performance, even if the camera is probably a little too in love with her body. Though I never found the film to be leering like in a Michael Bay feature. Rather it seemed like the director had been given a list of shots of Lively’s body that he needed to check off by the producers and so did them all in one eye-brow raising undressing sequence.


Overall, when you think about it The Shallows is probably the best shark film since Jaws. And I love shark films.




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