Matthew McConaughey is a fat wolf of Wall Street type figure, who fancies getting richer than he already is by looking for gold in Indonesia. He takes Edgar Ramirez with him, and they find some gold or maybe it’s not there, or maybe it really is, or maybe it isn’t. I can’t remember which way […]


Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga are real life mixed race couple Richard and Mildred Loving, whom after getting married in Washington are arrested upon their move back into Virginia. They are faced with the choice of splitting up for good or keeping their heads down and living in Washington. Three children later, this cramped city […]

Jason Bourne

Ten years after whatever happened in the Bourne Ultimatum happened (I can’t remember) that woman who was in the films (Julia Stiles) brings up some more stuff about the programme Bourne (Matt Damon) used to be a part of. Then Bourne gets chased a bunch. Oh yeah and there’s some kind of social media storyline […]

Midnight Special

Michael Shannon goes on the run from the government and a strange religious cult whom are both out to kidnap his son due to his strange and unexplained powers. And that folks is all I’m giving you, because frankly that’s all the movie gives you.   Bored of all this extravagant science fiction malarkey? Prefer […]