The Top 10 Movies of 2017

Hello and welcome to the definitive top ten movies of the year 2017 list. It has been a year hasn’t it, 2017? I often think to myself, well that was certainly a year, some things happened, some films came out. This is a list of the best ones, that’s how these things work. Let’s get […]

The Revenant

Leonardo di Caprio is a hunter for an American (except for one brit) group of fur traders who when running from a perusing group of natives is critically injured by a grizzly bear. Along with Leo’s son (Forrest Goodluck) Will Poulter and Tom Hardy are tasked with looking after him until the main group returns. […]

The Top 10 Films of 2015

  Welcome all to my top 10 list of the best films from 2015, in terms of movies it’s been a delight. We’ve seen more films gross a billion in one year than ever before (five of them), and were it not for 2016’s line up I’m sure it would be known as the year […]


Tom Hardy here takes on roles as both of the Kray twins in his most ambitious roles yet. Here we get their full story: rise and fall all sort of told through the eyes of Francis Shea (Emily Browning) the wife of Reggie Kray. But does this ambition pay off? For Hardy it sure does. […]

Child 44

Tom Hardy is a high ranking officer in the Russian army who begins to investigate a series of gruesome child murders that have been occurring whilst being swept beneath the proverbial rub by the Russian government. However when they find out he is snooping around he is demoted and exiled, but this doesn’t stop him. […]

London Road

After the case of the Ipswich ripper in 2006 was solved, a series of recorded interviews of the local townspeople were collected. It is from these interviews that the musical London Road has been created, taking what the people said exactly as they said it and them putting it to music. This is the screen […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

When Charlize Theron begins a rescue mission for five “wives” of Immortan Joe – a strange evil dictator who rules over the people in his vicinity by controlling the water – she starts off an all-out vehicle war between the various peoples of this dry post-apocalyptic desert. Including Tom Hardy as a bedraggled hard man […]


One man puts the life he has created on the line when he tries to juggle his family, his job and the soon to be born child of someone he barely knows, all from the phone in his car. On paper the premise to Locke does not seem especially gripping. Tom Hardy drives a BMW […]