Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Coming straight off the back of one of their adventures, the gang find themselves with a broken ship stranded on some planet. However help soon arrives, in the form of Kurt Russell claiming to be Chris Pratt’s dad. Various well-sound tracked space shenanigans follow.   Ok so disclaimer first of all, I don’t like the […]


Michael B. Jordan is the son of Apollo Creed whom died before Adonis (Jordan) was born. He decides to follow in his father’s footsteps in boxing, but will need someone to coach him and so he strikes up a friendship with a reluctant Sylvester Stallone. Together they try to get Creed to the top of […]

The Golden Globes 2016

So the other day that awards show that nobody really cares about but enjoys watching happened. Of course I am talking about the Golden Globes. So if you didn’t watch it or just have like two or three minutes to kill, here are all of the film awards with some added pseudo analysis from myself. […]