Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Coming straight off the back of one of their adventures, the gang find themselves with a broken ship stranded on some planet. However help soon arrives, in the form of Kurt Russell claiming to be Chris Pratt’s dad. Various well-sound tracked space shenanigans follow.   Ok so disclaimer first of all, I don’t like the […]

Captain America: Civil War

After an Avengers mission in Wakanda’s success comes at a great civilian cost the American government comes up with a plan to have the group regulated by the UN. This proposal creates a rift between the team, with Captain America refusing to sign and Iron Man thinking that it is a necessity that they agree […]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

After the most recent mission of the Avengers results in a near casualty Stark decides to create a sort of bodyguard system for earth, so that when the team can’t be there humanity will still be safe. However things go horribly wrong when the AI system decides that it actually would rather destroy the population […]