Kong: Skull Island

John Goodman leads a team of scientists onto a previously unexplored island in order to map it out before the Russians have a chance to. However as you may have anticipated this mission does not go to plan and things go incredibly awry.   To my mind this is the Jurassic World movie that could […]

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Vin Diesel was dead (too expensive) in the second triple X movie, you know the one with Ice Cube, but now he’s not dead! And he’s back to do some things, like ski in a jungle and skateboard on the side of a bus. There is some kind of plot surrounding like a machine that […]

Honourable Mentions 2016

Honourable Mentions 2016   Here are a few films that I really loved that narrowly missed out on my top ten. So, in alphabetic order here they are:   13th Bone Tomahawk Deadpool Don’t Breathe Goodnight Mommy Green Room Hail, Caesar! The Hateful Eight Moana The Revenant Room Sing Street Swiss Army Man Tale of […]

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Asa Butterfield is an odd child whom has spent his entire life thinking that his grandad has just been mental – making up stories about monsters and children with superpowers. However when his grandad is found dead in mysterious circumstances (his eyes went missing) he discovers a bunch of clues that suggest that his grandad […]

The Hateful Eight

Kurt Russel is a bounty hunter taking the captured Jennifer Jason Leigh to hang in the town Red Rock. However due to a large blizzard he is forced to spend the next few nights shacked up with a number of other characters, namely: Samuel L. Jackson – another bounty hunter – ,Walton Goggins – the […]

The Jurassic Park Trilogy

Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of Jurassic June, where we visit the most well known and loved dinosaur movies. Starring Sam Neil twice, Jeff Goldblum twice and ground-breaking visual effects thrice, there is a reason the Jurassic Park movies have a place in everyone’s hearts, well at least the first one does. Jurassic […]

Big Game

When Oskari (Onni Tommila) sets about upon his coming of age hunting expedition deep in the woods of Finland, hen unwittingly becomes a part of a dastardly plot to capture and eventually assassinate the President of the United States (Samuel L Jackson). The two of them must team up if they are to survive the […]