The Top 10 Movies of 2017

Hello and welcome to the definitive top ten movies of the year 2017 list. It has been a year hasn’t it, 2017? I often think to myself, well that was certainly a year, some things happened, some films came out. This is a list of the best ones, that’s how these things work. Let’s get […]

La La Land

Emma Stone is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles who falls for gifted jazz pianist Ryan Gosling. The two of them try to achieve their dreams whilst keeping their romance going at the same time.   La La Land is really more of a romantic love letter to the classical musicals of days gone by […]

The Nice Guys

Two completely different private eyes (Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling) must team up in odd circumstances to investigate the disappearance of a porn star in 1970’s Los Angeles.   The trailer to the Nice Guys was exceptional promising, making the film appear like a fast paced and hilarious caper film. However the film itself is […]

The Big Short

Christian Bale is a hedge fund manager who in 2007 notices that the housing market is built around flimsy loans, he realises that with this discovery he can make insane amounts of profit by betting against said market. Meanwhile Steve Carrell is another hedge fund manager who has caught wind of this realisation and also […]