Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Coming straight off the back of one of their adventures, the gang find themselves with a broken ship stranded on some planet. However help soon arrives, in the form of Kurt Russell claiming to be Chris Pratt’s dad. Various well-sound tracked space shenanigans follow.   Ok so disclaimer first of all, I don’t like the […]

Honourable Mentions 2016

Honourable Mentions 2016   Here are a few films that I really loved that narrowly missed out on my top ten. So, in alphabetic order here they are:   13th Bone Tomahawk Deadpool Don’t Breathe Goodnight Mommy Green Room Hail, Caesar! The Hateful Eight Moana The Revenant Room Sing Street Swiss Army Man Tale of […]

Bone Tomahawk

After members of a savage cannibal tribe kidnap some three townsfolk from the nearest village Kurt Russel must assemble a posse to rescue them. However they encounter difficulties along the way including Patrick Wilson’s already damaged leg and a group of vengeful Mexicans.   The Western is continuing to make its comeback and one reason […]

The Hateful Eight

Kurt Russel is a bounty hunter taking the captured Jennifer Jason Leigh to hang in the town Red Rock. However due to a large blizzard he is forced to spend the next few nights shacked up with a number of other characters, namely: Samuel L. Jackson – another bounty hunter – ,Walton Goggins – the […]

Classic Horror: The Thing (1982)

While on an expedition in Antarctica a group of scientists realise that within their midst lies an otherworldly being who is killing members of the team one by one and taking their form afterwards. I love The Thing. I love it because it is so rare to see a film that manages to mix both […]

Fast & Furious 7

The old team is forced to reunite when the brother of an old enemy (Jason Statham) attempts to pick them off one by one. They then get caught up in a war over the possession of a frightening new piece of technology. By this point everybody knows what to expect from a new Fast & […]