In the not too distant future, something is wrong with Wolverine. He isn’t healing the way he used to, and now the government has outlawed mutants he and Professor X hide out somewhere along the Mexican border. However, when a mutant child is thrust upon Logan he must decide what kind of a man he […]

Eddie the Eagle

Taron Egerton plays Eddie Edwards the famously tenacious British Ski Jumper who charmed the world during the 1988 winter Olympics with his underdog story. Eddie the Eagle follows the titular real life character’s rise to fame/notoriety.   Eddie the Eagle is yet another sporting underdog movie, you’ve all seen it before it’s even set at […]


Peter Pan is an orphan child living in a nursery where children are mysteriously disappearing, so one night he decides to find out why. Turns out children are being abducted by space pirates, and on that very night Peter himself is abducted and taken to Neverland – a magical place in which Hugh Jackman forces […]


Dev Patel whilst working on the robots he has designed for the Johannesburg police force, discovers that he has created a true AI (Chappie). Meanwhile Yolandi Visser and Ninja (Die Antwood) need to find a shedload of cash to appease their dreadlocked gangster boss, they steal Chappie and try to mould his impressionable young mind […]

The Wolverine

Set 12 years after X-men 3, with Logan (Wolverine) feeling all depressed because he had to kill Gene. He then gets a message from a guy he saved the life of in the second world war, asking to say goodbye one last time from the deathbed. What we have here is a very ordinary superhero […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

An x-men film that manages to be a prequel, a sequel and a reboot, all at the same time. In the distant future (I think they decided X-men 3 is no longer cannon or something, or something to do with time travel happened or something) in which Professor X, Magneto and few other surviving mutants […]

Top 5 Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is probably the best recent director to appear on the film scene, and his films has essentially defined the 00’s and 10’s. Whether it’s his re-invention of the superhero film, or his mind-bending psychological thrillers, Nolan is one of the very best. And here are his very best. The Prestige (2006) A tale […]