The 10 worst Movies of 2017

You’ve seen what the best ten movies from the year 2017 were ( unless you’ve been skipping blog posts you little scamps!), now get ready for the definitive bottom ten films of the year list. A place of darkness and sorrow, but mostly boredom – a whole lot of boredom. Before we dive head first […]


Denzel Washington is the outspoken patriarch of a working class African-American family in the 1950’s, trying to raise his family whilst also attempting to relive his own life through his son, Jovan Adepo.   Ok so straight off the bat, I don’t think Fences is a film. It’s based on a play and is delivered […]

The Magnificent Seven

A village is being continually ransacked by Peter Sarsgaard and so seek the assistance of gun for hire Denzel Washington. Denzel is initially hesitant about aiding the town due to the meagre monetary reward for such heroic acts but eventually he decides to help save the town bringing with him six other characters.   Now, […]