The Oscars 2017

Here we are ladies and gents, boys and girls. The results to my Oscar predictions 2017. Sorry it’s a little belated. Last year I achieved 9/12, will I beat this decent score? (Unlikely). So, my predictions are in bold. Actual results are in a different colour.   Cinematography Arrival La La Land Lion Moonlight Silence […]

La La Land

Emma Stone is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles who falls for gifted jazz pianist Ryan Gosling. The two of them try to achieve their dreams whilst keeping their romance going at the same time.   La La Land is really more of a romantic love letter to the classical musicals of days gone by […]

10 Cloverfield Lane

Mary Elizabeth Winstead while driving away from her relationship problems is rammed off the road and sustains some fairly severe leg injury and a concussion. When she awakens she finds herself chained up in a strange bunker. She later finds out that John Goodman has possibly captured her and that a massive fallout has possibly […]

The Top 10 Films of 2015

  Welcome all to my top 10 list of the best films from 2015, in terms of movies it’s been a delight. We’ve seen more films gross a billion in one year than ever before (five of them), and were it not for 2016’s line up I’m sure it would be known as the year […]


A young budding jazz drummer extraordinaire (Miles Teller) is taken under the wing of a renowned music instructor (J.K. Simmons) known especially for his unconventional, and at times shocking methods. You may be thinking “well I’m not a massive jazz or drums fan, so this might not be my cup of tea” if you are, […]