La La Land

Emma Stone is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles who falls for gifted jazz pianist Ryan Gosling. The two of them try to achieve their dreams whilst keeping their romance going at the same time.   La La Land is really more of a romantic love letter to the classical musicals of days gone by […]

The Worst 10 movies of 2016

To every silver lining there is a cloud, to every yin a yang, to every top ten movies of the year list there is a bottom ten list. This here is one of said bottom ten lists. Be warned this is a list of movies so poor than Batman v Superman couldn’t make it in. […]

Blair Witch

When the brother of the main character of the original Blair Witch project watches The Blair Witch project film, he is convinced that he and a group of friends must return to the woods and find her.   Part remake, part sequel – all dreadful.   It will come as no surprise to anyone that […]