The Top 10 Movies of 2018

Oh Boy its that time of year again, time for you all to finally find out what the best ten movies of this last year that we just had. If you wondered what the 13th best movie was well tough luck my friend you’ve come to the wrong place (It’s actually Annihilation, I keep a running list of all the films I’ve seen like all the other cool people). But enough obligatory preamble! Onto the main event…


  1. Spiderman: Into the Spider verse

Coming in at number ten is a movie I really did not expect to enjoy as much as I did. If this signifies the future of all superhero movies honestly sign me up, it’s the best superhero in every single department that I’ve seen in years by quite some distance.


  1. The Shape of Water

Just Guillermo del Toro doing what Guillermo del Toro does best: Heartfelt monster shenanigans. Wonderful set design, appealing score and great performances makes this an Oscar that I have no qualms with.


  1. Roma

I’ll be honest I probably need to let this marinate for a while longer – it being that type of movie. As the seconds pass it does grow on me more and more. In terms of technical virtuosity, its without a doubt the most impressive film on this list, but it’s also extremely long and I need to watch it again.


  1. Ghost Stories

That’s right I put a mostly schlocky British horror movie over Alfonso Cuaron’s passion piece, fight me. I loved Ghost Stories it was funny, interesting and it scared me a little bit. I have nothing more to say on the matter, sorry Alfonso.


  1. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

The trailer for this movie really wanted to try and package this as a sort of Tarantino-esque black comedy and they couldn’t have sold it shorter. While in parts this was funny, it’s the more broadly tragic moments that really caught me. Genuinely enthralling and affecting cinema.


  1. Revenge

This film caused a worldwide fake blood shortage. It’s so vivid and nasty and over the top I absolutely loved it. The fact that a film with such a visceral and aesthetic manner is a debut is a madness, Coralie Fargeat – remember the name.


  1. Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

Ben Wheatley is right back at it again with possibly his most tense movie yet, a film about a family get together. Characters are meticulously moulded and thrown in to a castle together, all you need do is sit back and never relax. I only wish it was longer.


  1. Hereditary

I had a splinter in the top of my finger from a few days before watching this film, in the cinema I sucked it out I was intensely focused on the film. Horror films are making a resurgence and I’m so pleased.


  1. Lady Bird

Bit of a sleeper hit this one, first time round don’t get me wrong I thought it was great, but then I saw it a second and third time and Jesus what a film it actually is. I like a coming of age tale probably slightly more than the next person, and this is the finest of them all. Funny, heartfelt and deeply emotional, the second-best film of 2018 in fact!


  1. Sorry to Bother you

Mate, I don’t even know what to say to you, just go see it. I’m not literate enough to describe this film let alone tell you why its so good. It’s insane.

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