Matthew McConaughey is a fat wolf of Wall Street type figure, who fancies getting richer than he already is by looking for gold in Indonesia. He takes Edgar Ramirez with him, and they find some gold or maybe it’s not there, or maybe it really is, or maybe it isn’t. I can’t remember which way it eventually swung because I watched this about two weeks ago and honestly I was barely remembering it as it happened.


Let’s get this over with, Gold is a rubbish movie. It gets off to a poor start then picks up slightly about an hour in, but after ten minutes of passable film it resorts back to being rubbish again. It wants to be the Wolf of Wall Street but it’s barely even a Chihuahua.


I don’t think McConaughey is the problem here especially. I don’t think he’s very good either, although he has put on weight to make it seem like it’s a good performance. It’s just a film about not very cool people that thinks its incredible cool. Let me just clear this up for anyone who was unsure, bankers have never and will never be cool.


It takes the Suicide Squad approach to sound tracking which is to aimlessly throw some songs you like at the film, regardless of tone or story. This is irritating and just furthers the feeling of the movie just being slightly incompetently made.


There’s no need to watch Gold. If you are a massive McConaughey fan honestly just watch one of the others again instead.




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