Fifty Shades Darker

Jamie Dornan’s Mr Grey is back, but this time he’s the one making the changes. Will he be willing to confront his inner demons and curb his need to engage in bdsm or will he just alienate Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia once again.


Fifty Shades of grey (the original 2014 entry)’s problem was that it just wasn’t any fun. It wasn’t a dreadful movie as many would have you believe, it just was neither good nor bad enough to be enjoyable. Fifty Shades Darker appears to take itself far less seriously and probably has given the ominous E.L. James far more influence. The result is actually that it’s a much more enjoyable movie.


Now, I must give a large qualification to my enjoyment of Fifty Shades Darker. I saw it in the absolute ideal circumstances: in a packed cinema, with a couple of mates and a couple of drinks. And this is sure to have influenced the way I saw it. And I really must recommend having a few drinks before viewing, and seeing it with mates.


As an actual film, of course Fifty Shades Darker isn’t any good. The dialogue is dreadful, the acting as a consequence fairly wooden and the plot itself just isn’t any good. Efforts have been made to create more of a thriller this time, rather than a straight romance. This doesn’t really pay off. The thriller bits mostly fall flat with a subplot about one of Grey’s previous lovers just seeming a little creepy. However the romance seems more viable this time and I thought the central two had a better chemistry. The sex scenes are more frequent and while still impressively mild are occasionally quite sensual.


Overall, Fifty Shades Darker isn’t a good movie. It’s actually probably slightly worse than the first one, but contrarily this may be its greater strength. By giving E.L. James so much control the movie is condemning itself to being dreadful and so embraces this, whereas the first one was trying to be a better film than it could have ever been. As a cinema experience, it worked for me. I had fun.




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