The Top 10 Movies of 2016

Welcome one and all to this, the definitive top 10 list. Boy oh boy 2016 has been a ride hasn’t it, and as always I am grateful for the movies that allowed me to escape reality for a few hours. And so without much further ado, here are the 10 best movies of the year 2016 according to me.


  1. Victoria


Kicking our list off with a bang is Victoria a film consisting of just one unbroken shot. But the real triumph of Victoria was not succumbing to being just a gimmick movie it’s a powerful and thrilling drama in its own right. I think Victoria sitting at number 10 just demonstrates what an excellent year this has been for movies.


  1. 10 Cloverfield Lane


Films with trailers as good as 10 Cloverfield Lane’s was rarely live up to expectation, but that is exactly what this film did. A sparkling example of slow build tension and three terrific performances. Don’t be put off by the supposed “Cloverfield” link, 10 Cloverfeild Lane is brilliant.


  1. The Girl with all the Gifts


I’m not going to lie to you, the soundtrack to this movie could’ve pretty much got the film into my top ten on its own. Although the fact that it’s the best zombie film to come out since Day of the Dead doesn’t hurt.


  1. Rogue One


The question was always going to be “will these Star wars story things actually be any different to normal star wars films? Like what’s the point?” And Rogue One answered by being an entirely different movie to any other Star Wars before it. It’s darker, it’s more political and crucially its stand alone. Star Wars is good again and I love it.


  1. High-Rise


Numerous orgies, two different remixes of the ABBA classic S.O.S and Tom Hiddleston’s naked torso – what isn’t to love?


  1. Under the Shadow


OK everyone now we’re into the top five, the top dogs, the biggest of boys. Under the Shadow now has me convinced that the only movies that come out of Iran are solid gold classics (I have thus far seen two Iranian films). A proper horror movie about the terrors of being a woman in 1980’s Iran, but equally also about the terrors of spooky ass shit happening in the night.


  1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople


A touching and beautiful movie about the strength of true friendship and the way that everything is funnier in a New Zealand accent.


  1. The Neon Demon


Simply the best looking movie I have ever seen in my life. Also one of the best sounding movies I have ever heard in my life. It also has Keanu Reeves in it.


  1. The Witch


The Witch is scary as fuck my dudes. The Witch isn’t about being self-referential and having a good time with horror. The Witch is deadly serious, deadly serious about making you piss your damn pants.


  1. Arrival


Well here we are, we’ve arrived (haha), it’s the number one best movie that I saw in the year of 2016. A movie so good that it reduced me to tears upon both viewings just because it was too beautiful and intelligent and perfectly written that I couldn’t handle it. And what better way to end a grim year such as this than with a film that’s message is “hey maybe humanity isn’t doomed?”.


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