For a good 16 years now Storks haven’t delivered babies to families, instead they now deliver packages. However when a new baby is accidentally created, Andy Samberg must deliver said baby to its family without fault so he can still become the boss of the company when Kelsey Grammar retires. Now believe me that’s an extremely abridged version of the plot, I haven’t even mentioned the ninja penguins.


Storks has no right to be a good film. The plot is horribly convoluted and doesn’t actually make a whole bunch of sense and the animation by today’s standards is merely average. However, Storks is a good film. I’m not sure how it managed it but I was laughing the whole way through and on two occasions I teared up. It reminded me of Penguins of Madagascar – a film that I have watched a number of times and never fails to make me laugh out loud numerous times. They also bear comparison in the way that both have entirely indecipherable plots. But it doesn’t matter when your movie is as funny as Storks is.


Andy Samberg here seems to have been given a fairly free reign in terms of his lines and as he is in Brooklyn 99 is absolutely hilarious and manages to handle the task of animating one of the greatest deliveries of today fantastically well. Elsewhere in what is a star studded voice cast, Katie Crown as Orphan Tulip, Stephen Kramer Glickman as Pigeon Toady and Kelsey Grammar as the boss Stork Hunter shine.


Overall I really wasn’t expecting much from Storks but it was thoroughly enjoyable and at times quite moving. In the most competitive ever time for animation Storks holds its own admirably.




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