Amy Adams is one of the world’s leading linguists whom has previously worked for the US Military, and she will get called upon by the Military again when 12 mysterious unidentified objects land across the planet to aid them in attempting to translate what is being said by those whom inhabit said unidentified objects.


It’s worth saying right from the off that I love Arrival. It’s one of my favourite movies of the year and it completely blew me away. So to counter that I’ll start with a solitary niggle: the CGI isn’t always perfect. That’s honestly the only flaw I can find in this movie. There are maybe three shots when you can tell this isn’t a 250 Million dollar movie (It’s a 47 million dollar movie).


It’s difficult to explain just how knock out Arrival is without giving away too much about the story because it’s really a film that you will enjoy most if you know nothing about it going in – as I did (or didn’t – grammar never was my strong suit).  So I would warn you that if you have not yet seen this movie (what are you doing go and see it now) and wish to go in completely blind, as I would recommend, then stop. Because try as I might to avoid giving the game away, I can make no promises.


The performances here are absolutely terrific. Forrest Whittaker is as always very good in a role that more than a few times makes you question his true motives (is it possible to get typecast as an interesting multi-layered character?). Jeremy Renner is very good as the mathematician to Amy Adams’ Linguist and I think delivers his best performance since 2008’s Hurt Locker. But it will come as a surprise to nobody that Amy Adams absolutely runs the show here. If she doesn’t garner awards recognition for at least one of Nocturnal Animals and this then something has gone drastically wrong. Adams’ performance roots you in the drama and you see everything through her eyes, hear everything through her ears. I simply can’t see anyone else in this role.


Really all I can say about the actual plot of the story is that it’s wonderful and gripping to the very last minute. I actually found myself quite profoundly affected by the film. Towards the end of the movie I did find myself tearing up, not because of any overriding emotion per say but just because I was so overwhelmed. Honestly I found watching this movie a near cathartic experience approaching something like what I experienced during my first viewing of 2001: A Space Odyssey (the best movie ever made).


I’m going to cut myself short and end here because I don’t want to give anything away and I’ll end up just writing an essay on how wonderful it all is. I can’t recommend Arrival enough, you all need to see it. Right Now.




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